Frequently Asked Questions

CEP Program Overview FAQ's

How many certifications does CEP course cover ?

Certified Ecommerce Professional is an All-in-one course bundle. We are offering 17 Certifications in CEP at present.

Who should do CEP ?

Anyone who is interested to start their career in Ecommerce can enrol in the course.

How long is the course access given ?

The course access is given for Lifetime and you can login to your student dashboard anytime and access the course.

How do I receive the course updates ?

Whenever there is an update in our topics, we directly upload it in the course and notify you via email.

What is the validity of the certificate ?

Certified Ecommerce Professional certificate is valid for lifetime. The CEP certificate is bloc-chain enabled so you can verify your certificate at anytime.

How do I get the certificate ?

The CEP certificate is generated instantly and emailed to you once you qualify in the CEP exam which is accessible in your student dashboard.

Can I get certificate of individual courses as well ?

Yes. Every individual module has its own online certificate which is generated once you qualify in the respective certification exam.

Is CEP certificate recognised in Ecommerce industry ?

Yes. Indian Institute of Ecommerce has tied up with all the major ecommerce companies and they recognise Certified Ecommerce Professional as E-Commerce industry standard Certificate.

How to access upcoming programs ?

The upcoming programs are automatically accessible to you when the course is live in your dashboard.

Payment and Billing FAQ's

Can I switch my currency for payment?

Yes. You can mail us and mention which currency you require to purchase the course at [email protected]

How do I get a receipt or invoice for my purchase of CEP program?

As you purchase the course online, you automatically get a system generated receipt and the complete order details mentioned in it in your registered email id.

How much do Certified Ecommerce Professional cost?

The Certified Ecommerce Professional program fee is INR 25000 inclusive of all taxes. The fee can be paid one time or in EMI upto 24 months.

Does IIEC offer discounts or coupons?

While we don't offer discounts directly, once you've created an IIEC account you will be able to receive occasional special promotional offers via email.

What is your refund or cancellation policy?

We do not offer refund or cancellation to the students once they enrol in the course.

Content Access FAQ's

How do I access my Course content?

Once you log into your account, you can access the course content under My Courses. You will see all the modules of the course in on your student dashboard.

How do I report a bug or an issue in the course content?

If you have any comments or notice any errors in your Nanodegree program or course content, you can submit content feedback to [email protected].

How long will I have access to course content after I am certified ?

The Certified Ecommerce Professional program is a Lifetime membership program which means the access to the course content in your dashboard will never expire and you can view the course content any number of times.

How do I download my course content?

The course contents are accessible at anytime in your dashboard and the download of contents is strictly prohibited.

How do I access subtitles?

All the course videos have English subtitles. To access the subtitles click the "cc" button in the classroom video player and you can view the subtitle.

Assignments & Reviews FAQ's

How do I resolve the error message I got when attempting to submit my assignment?

You can zip your assignment file and try to upload it again.

When will my assignment be reviewed?

Assignment reviews are often completed within 7 working days.Due to the high volume of submissions and the time it may take your reviewer to give personalized feedback, the turnaround period for project evaluations may be up to 10 days.

Who grades CEP assignments?

Indian Institute of Ecommerce reviewers are skilled professionals working in successful ecommerce companies.

What happens if my assignment requires changes?

If your assignment requires changes, your reviewer will leave you plenty of feedback to help you.  Once you feel you've made the required corrections, resubmit your assignment.

Mentor Benefits FAQ's

When will I have session scheduled with my mentor ?

Once you enrol in the Certified Ecommerce Professional program , you get connected to our mentor for a 30 minute mentorship session.

How do I connect to my mentor if I have any queries ?

You can email us your query at [email protected] and we shall connect the mentor if required to assist you.

Career Services FAQ's

Does IIEC offer career services?

Yes. You can check our career services at