EDII and IIEC are planning to lunch a joint certification program in the name of “E-Commerce Entrepreneurship” for individuals aspiring to start business in the area of e-commerce. This course will be predominantly delivered online through prerecorded video lectures/content with periodic online live sessions for students.


130 Hours of E – Learning Certificate Program

The entire course ideally should be finished within 10 months from the date of registration. However, students can take their own time to complete the course. But the total duration may not exceed 18 months from the time of registration. Handholding will be done by EDII for a period of 2 years after the completion of the course.

Learning Objective

The main objective of the program is “New Enterprise Creation and Management leveraging E-Commerce”. To achieve the objective the course will focus on various aspects of starting and managing an enterprise. This course will help participants

  • Develop motivation, re-inforce entrepreneurial traits and the spirit of enterprise
  • Facilitate decision making process for setting up a new enterprise
  • Learn and apply the e-commerce knowledge in practice for successful and profitable operation of the enterprise
1Fundamentals of EcommerceGet an overview of the E-Commerce management. This module will initiate the student into his/ her E-Commerce journey to become job ready2 hrs
2Certified Ecommerce Web DeveloperLearn to build the frontend of an ecommerce store from scratch all with your imagination without using coding or technical work with ongoing support from IIEC2 hrs
3Certified Ecommerce Operations ManagerIn this module, student will learn E-Commerce Cash-flow Management, Power of Affiliates, Selling Information, Payment Gateways, Shopping Cart Solutions, inventory Management, Logistics.18 hrs
4Certified Ecommerce Law ProfessionalThis module teaches how to incorporate a business, the laws and also the Intellectual Property Rights such as Copyright, Trademark & Patents to protect an Ecommerce Business Model7 hrs
5Certified Ecommerce Security ManagerLearn about E-Commerce Store's Security & customer Frauds, developing ecommerce security planning, making the store hack proof and more7 hrs
6Certified Retail Ecommerce ExecutiveLearn how to make a Retail Store Cashier less. Learn major design trends and techniques used by successful retailers around the world - techniques that they can implement themselves to improve shopper experience in their own stores.3 hrs
7Certified Digital Marketing ProfessionalPractically understand Digital Marketing Strategies, learn to focus on every step of your customer, thinking like a CEO, Story Telling, Digital Marketing Tools4 hrs
8GST for EcommerceLearn the Recent Update on GST and The Impact of GST on E-Commerce Businesses, Get thorough understanding of the GST tax regime and will be "GST Ready" for the coming future1 hr
9Certified SEO Strategy ProfessionalGet the best-in class hands-on practice on all the industry-related SEO tools and applications to get Product Pages to Rank #1 on Google, Learn SEO that works for Ecommerce Stores.1.5 hrs
10Certified Social Media ProfessionalUnderstand the basics of YouTube, Face book, Google+, Twitter, Instagram and blogging. Use social media not just for marketing, but for customer services & PR.2 hrs